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OML Enabled Applications

OML Documentation

    This project holds the set of applications which are OML-enabled.

    These applications have some OML Measurement Points defined within their source code, which allows systematic collection and storage of measurement samples using the OML client library and the OML collection server.

    These Applications are:

    • gpslogger
    • Iperf
    • omf_nmetrics
    • omf_trace
    • otg and otr
    • wlanconfig_oml
    • Yantt (Yet another network testing tool)

    A brief description of these applications can be found in Bundled Clients

    We are still developing the documentation for these applications. In the meantime, you can download the latest tarball from the Files page or check out the source directly from our git repository:

    git clone git://

    You can browse the repository on the OML Applications repository page.

    We also distribute Debian/Ubuntu packages. You can find some instructions for installing them on the [Installing packages page].

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